How to Import Palm Desktop Contacts to Google Gmail Contacts

This is an online guide on how to import and convert Palm Desktop Contacts to Google Gmail Contacts using Contacts Importer for Google.

If you need to download or get more information about this very easy-to-use Google Contacts importing tool, please visit the product overview page.

Before this step, you should already be able to:
- Download and install Contacts Importer for Google.
- Login into the Google account in Contacts Importer.
- Start the Contacts importing process.

Please refer to the online help page if you don't know how to do the above steps.

In this first step, let's choose "Palm Desktop" in the pop up window below and click "Next" to move on.

Start import Contacts to Google Gmail Contacts

After a few seconds we will get the following screen and see that all your Palm Desktop Contacts data have been loaded into the table as below:

Load Palm Desktop Contacts in Contacts Importer for Google

You may have found that the information loaded is displayed in different colors:

Green Data - means the Palm Desktop Contact information is not found in the Google Gmail Contacts, if you import this Contact, it will be added to the Google Contacts.

Blue Data - means that your Google account have the similar Contact but their content are not same, if you import this Contact, your Google Contact will be updated.

Black Data - means that the Contact information is identical in Palm Desktop and Google and you don't need to import that Contact.

To import the Contacts, you need to select the checkboxes before each Contact and press the "Next" button to move to next step.

You may also notice that there are three buttons let you check or uncheck the Contacts quickly:
- Select All" lets you check all Contacts to import to Google Contacts.
- "Select Diff" lets you only check the different Contacts to import to Google. This is the recommended choice.
- "Clear All" lets you clear your selections.

After you selected the Contacts you want to import and pressed the "Next" button, the selected Contacts will be transferred to Google Gmail Contacts, as shown below:

Import Contacts to Google in progress