Calendar Importer for Google

Calendar Importer for Google is an easy to use information importing tool for Google Calendar.

With Calendar Importer for Google, you can:

If you have experiences with Google Calendar, you may find that Google Calendar only supports Calendar importing by CSV files or ics files. It is not convenient to convert the information to CSV because you need to specify the conversion format, the data field information and many other settings before the CSV conversion.

While Calendar Importer for Google is very easy to use and you may import these Calendars to Google Calendar step by step with just a few clicks.

Free trial version is available for downloading. The standard license fee is $26.95. We offer the lifetime free upgrade and 30-day money back guarantee.



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If you have an Android phone or tablet, after importing Calendar information from Outlook, Palm Desktop, ACT!, Lotus Notes to your Google account, you may convert these information to your Android device.

Convert Outlook, Palm Desktop, Lotus Notes, ACT! to Android

By our software Calendar Importer for Google, you may import Calendar information from various source step by step with a only few clicks. So the importing become much simpler.

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The trial version of Calendar Importer for Google is fully functional but the free trial usage period is 10 days.

You can order the fully licensed version of Calendar Importer over the Internet with any major credit card or PayPal. It only costs you $26.95 and we have the 30-day money back guarantee.